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Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Triptych

God designed the month of March to show people who don't drink what a hangover feels like. -- Garrison Keillor (2010)

Dream hands
claw the shift
ing field
dig in

That which is
can be known
without open
ing the eye


My hands scoop
to my face clear water
rolls through fingers
down over itself

I catch color
in the formless
splashes, each
drop topaz

I always reach
for what
be held

This day like
no other
this moment gone
as I grasp it


A single crust
of snow left over
from October
refuses to melt

I am amazed
how the earth
swells like
a black sponge

Opens at
thaw's edge
to take
more in

There is
to hold

To hold what
we may
as close as
we can

resists this
yearning to be
made new

In this
we are
all the

Even after
long winter
life stirs
in the last ice

The Last Ice

Sunday, March 14, 2010

After being told I look good for 67 (on my 57th birthday)

damn fluorescent light
carpet seam carpet
gray on grey
air machines hum
the building thinks it is alive
damn fluorescent light
bright eyes open

to a dimming world
veins ridge skin
it takes longer to chew
almost everything
creaks yet the mind
grows younger
the heart more childlike
the longer we hang on

our engines slow
as the scenery
speeds by
there are no breaks
aging is a paradox
a wind bitten rag
dancing on a stick

the grim reaper
telling jokes
window glare window
knock knock
no one is there
everyone is moving
damn fluorescent light