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Saturday, July 10, 2010


It is not because no one is home

that this thunder leaves me uneasy.

Rain chants its mantra of falling

no matter what comes to mind.

The rain dashes by like a cat, and the thunder

growls like a dog pulling on its chain.

Water moves, always wearing down,

dissolving anything in its way.

Me, I stay put. I could be a tree

how casually I wait for the light to come.

The thunder stutters now as if to say,

"Enough already." A muffled squall

rages inside me. It rains here all the time.

The wind pushes the tears back into my eyes.

I open and close the dark window, open and close

the window because I need to breathe.

I groan in a dialect of thunder no one understands.

Like a drunk stumbling home, I bellow and bawl

until there is nothing to say, until I black out.

I am as hooked and mangled as Hemingway's marlin.

This is what it is like to be old, to have nothing left to climb.

At the top of the tower, the ever turning light

makes a shadow out of anything in its way. Up or down

no longer matters. Once the water, heavy from its journey,

comes to rest, it returns to the purity of the sky.

This is the teaching of the rain, the meaning of our breath,

take in deeply what you may, but remember always to let go.

Breathe Deeply by M. D. Friedman CR 2010
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