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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Walking Upside Down

"Walking Upside Down" is the final track off of Mad Dog & Headman's Walking on the Sky album released in May 19, 2013 (featuring: Mad Dog Friedman on Theremin & improvisational spoken word and Stephen Hartman on NS/Stick with MIDI, bass pedals & keyboards).  Stephen is pure genius and a true in the moment astral plane pirate. This album is the result of an electrostatic collaboration between Mad Dog Friedman and Stephen Hartman. It was recorded at the Freak Show in Littleton, Colorado, on May 3, 2013, at the end of what seemed to be an endless winter. This historical session represents the first musical meeting of these two vastly diverse recording artists. The full improvisational session is heard at its best here. It was recorded in one take and is rich in fortunate accidents. Walking on the Sky is the first full length project featuring M. D.'s Friedman's aleatory Theremin work. The spoken word on this track was an intrepid indulgence of the moment. For more of M. Friedman's poetry see

If the player does not work in your browser, please click here to hear it: