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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Recipe for Love

Open everything that is not and pour it in.
Heat gently.  When the fat sizzles,
cover and let simmer until tender.
Mix in all you are.  Knead it.
Let rise with the warmth of your touch.
Whisk until stiff.  Churn as long as it takes.
Layer joy upon joy.  Season to taste.
Make fresh from scratch.  There is always more to add.
Sweeten with syrup, coconut and wine.
Let the pot overflow.  Go ahead and make a mess.
Serve with heavy cream, dried cherries and cracked nuts.
When the aroma swells in your head, filling it
with dreams, and the spice laden steam stings
your eyes, it is time to feast.  Devour slowly
and savor every bite.  Leave no scraps for the pampered
animal that begs outside your door.  Leftovers never satisfy.
The recipe is always changing.  It never tastes the same.