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Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Last Chance

First there is a mountain. Then there is no mountain. Then there is. - Donavan

After sexual subduction

and igneous flirtation,

one would hope not much

would shake our latent core.

We think we can do what we want

as long as we want because we can.


Drunken Forest

 The drunken forests swagger

out of the thawing permafrost.

The dog of extinction buries

its bones at their feet.

Like a giant slushy machine,

rivers of ice-melt pump Greenland's

glaciers into the Gulf Stream.

Holland is building floating houses

and Venice is booking scuba tours of it ruins.

The Earth is warmer now than any time

in the last thousand years. The warmer it gets,

the faster it gets warmer, the warmer it gets.

In less than ten years global warming

will be able to feed off of itself,

snacking on polar bears and caribous

along with thousands of other animals and plants.

Polar Bear Jumping the Ice Floes


We see no reason to change. B. P. will take care of us.

Fill the oceans with oil so we can fill our S. U. V.'s.

Turn up the A. C. and bring us more beef.

What more needs to happen before we understand?

There is no time to waste.

Our world flutters like a fly in the silken web of our greed.