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Friday, October 26, 2012

Letter to the Candidates 2012

We want America back!
We want America to follow the American Dream.
No more poor fighting rich men’s wars.
If someone really must go, send the big CEO’s.
Then leave them there.  They’ll find someone to bring them coffee.

We don’t care about the Iranian bomb.
Too many have died in the crusade
against weapons of mass destruction.

We are not worried about a terrorist
following us home like a rabid dog.
We are not afraid of your boogie man bombers.

We fear only our mistakes,
we’re afraid the bombs we have dropped on babies
will hail back down on us like smoking guns.
We need to change it all around.
We need to fight the good war,
the war against ignorance and cruelty,
the war against torture and racism,
one that won’t bankrupt us financially or morally.

We want America back!
We want gays to run the military
and a lesbian marriage on the White House lawn.
We want to build homes for the homeless
help the hungry, take care of the sick,
and educate the curious,
we want government to start earning its keep.

Don’t tell me 47% of America is unwilling to take “personal responsibility”
for their lives.  When is Romney going take responsibility for his lies?
We don’t want to hear someone talking about “legitimate” rape.
We know who is really getting screwed.

We want America back!  (We want it all back.)
We not only want decent jobs
but our jobs to realize
we work to live not live to work.
We need time to play with our kids.
We need schools that are not
brain numbing factories
where our kids can learn
what they care about
and still have time to be kids.

We want to make it hard to get married
and easy to get divorced.
We want to make blind patriotism illegal
and to legalize marijuana.

We want good music in the groceries stores
and art on the walls of Walmart.
We want a national holiday for Allen Ginsberg’s birthday.
We want to see Obama face off Romney
in a nationally televised slam.
We want to silence all politicians
unless they can speak with rhyme and reason.
We want to hear about your solutions not their problems.
We want to pay our teachers like baseball players.
We want to give awards to parents
who listen to their teenagers
and love them no matter what.

We want free college,
free daycare and free healthcare.
We want doctors to treat humans
not just disease.

We want to retire early and securely.
We want Jimi Hendrix music
in our Senior Centers.

We want America back!
We want to live in community.
We want to understand and respect
our neighbors across the street
and all across the globe.

We believe in human rights
for all people and all nations
even if they don’t have oil.
We want to tear down the walls on our border
and welcome the hard working immigrants
that have always made America great.

We want to learn new languages,
to embrace new cultures,
to be a partner not a bully.
We want to be part of the human
mandala that will heal the earth.

We want America back!
We want Exxon executives to have to walk to work,
Clear Channel to never play the same song twice,
Procter & Gamble to care more about cancer than profit,
General Mills to start making their food sacred.

Take the money we pay farmers not to plant
and use it to learn sustainable farming
with respect for our planet.

We want to let the trees grow
and give land back to the animals.
We want our Native Americans
to manage our national forests.

We want one rider SUVs banned
from all public highways.
We don’t want to drill
the last of our wilderness,
not now, not ever.
We want the oil companies to give back
the money they are stealing from us.
We want electric cars not tax breaks for the rich.
We want the power of the wind
and the sun and the oceans,
we want to plan now to stop
global warming before it is too late.

We want America back!
We want rivers we can drink out of
and cities we can walk in.
We want a real democracy,
where voters pick the candidates.
We want to elect our president
by national popular vote.
Ban all campaign ads.
Use the money to register more voters,
to run more candidates.
We want to reserve the rights of free speech
for real people, not big corporations.
Make the corporate donors admit what that
are trying to buy for all that money.

We need a president who cares
for all Americans, who speaks for the people
not the corporations, and a congress that will
work together and do what is best for the country
no matter whether or not
they think it will benefit their party.
In fact, ban all political parties!
We need a no party system,
with no corporate personage,
with politicians jailed for lying,
and the media paid by how thoughtful,
balanced and complete they report
what is really happening.

We need Americans to understand we are taking America back!